Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions and their answers. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

Will I have to hunt with another group?

No, at Dakota Ringneck, we never combine groups. We want you to have an enjoyable experience with your own family and friends.

Do your guides carry guns?

No, this is your own hunting pleasure and our experienced guides want it to be something that you will always remember.

Can I bring my own dog?

Yes, you can bring your own dog. We understand that hunters and their dogs are anxious to enjoy their hunting experience together. Our guides each have their own dogs also, so it isn’t mandatory that you bring a dog.

Could we plan a corporate business meeting at your facility and still enjoy a pheasant hunt?

Yes, our facility will easily accommodate such an event. We have two conference rooms equipped with the latest in technology. You can plan an event to suit your own needs. We will make sure this is a memorable event for your clients or valued executives. Just call 605-695-5386 or email us with inquires.

Do I need to purchase a hunting license?

Yes, a hunting license is very easy to purchase. You can purchase a license ahead of time from the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks website, or you can purchase one here at Dakota Ringneck when you arrive.

Do I need to bring my own ammunition?

No, we provide the shells as part of our packages; this makes air travel less of a hassle for you.

If I pay a deposit to reserve a hunting date and for some reason I cannot make that date, do I forfeit my deposit?

All deposits are non-refundable; however, we will be happy to re-apply your deposit to an alternate date. We understand how life is and will always try to work around your situation.

Is transportation from/to the airport available?

Yes, we can accommodate your transportation needs, but our personal recommendation is that you rent a car at the airport so you are free to explore local sites of interest.

How many meals are furnished?

We will provide a hot breakfast, a hot noon meal and a hot evening meal. There will be an abundance of food with a variety of country style cooking. We appreciate notice ahead of time if you have a special needs diet.

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